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Artists Statement

A Natural Construction

Fermanagh born; Edinburgh seasoned. I’m currently living and working in Belfast. I studied Contemporary Art practice in Edinburgh before moving to Belfast to study painting at the Belfast school of Art and recently graduating. Through studying two very different courses in Art, it has pushed my practice into what it is today.

The crux of my practice is materiality. I have focused my practice mainly around the materiality of surfaces and construction, both manmade and natural. My practice sets out to challenge the limitations of painting, pushing the boundaries of the conventional painting techniques and methods. A natural way of painting for many is to paint on a flat surface, to focus on composition, colour and technique with a delicate hand. This traditionalist way of painting has never sat easy with me from my art days at school, I have always found it limiting and restrictive for my creative development as an artist. Keeping work within a frame, within a line and within the confinements of a paintbrush and some paint became a game to test, play and push to its limitations. I find painting abstract more of a natural way of working for me. I love to hear what other people see in my paintings, I love how my story behind the painting grows into their story, and the meaning develops and grows for each individual. I base the naming’s of my paintings around personal place names and areas. Often when I’m painting, I will be thinking about places, family and people. I often find this lends itself into the painting and the painting becomes an embodiment of an unspoken memory.